What is a programmer?

A programmer is the specific person who is very skilled in writing computer software. These people specialize in the field of computer programming and even termed as a generalist that has the capability of writing the different codes meant for the many types of software. They can also be called as a computer programmer, coder, developer or a software engineer.

Furthermore, these computer specialists practice programming through formal approach and are sometimes referred as programmer analyst. They are said to be experts on computer language, not the literal language ordinary people know. This computer language includes Assembler, C, C++, COBOL, Java, Python, C#, Lisp and a lot more. These are prefixed titles in which programmers find more convenient to use while working in the web environment.

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The word programmer also refers to web developers, mobile developers, software developer, computer scientist or software analyst, whatever you like to call them. However, these profession names are far more beyond programming but also possess other forms of skills on software engineering.

They say the name “programmer” is an over simplification term for other professions resulting to debate among developers, computer scientist, analysts, programmers and even with outsiders who continuously becoming more puzzled on the true differences to the definitions of the said occupations.

Brief History of Computer Programming

It was on October, 1842 where Lovelace intended for the Bernoulli numbers’ calculation but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to witness the algorithm she intended for Babbage to run for the reason that Babbage failed to complete the functioning standard of the analytical engine during Lovelace time.

In the year 1941, Konrad Zuse, a computer scientist successfully became the first person to run the program of the “functioning modern electronically” based computer. Furthermore, the ENIAC has the programming team that consists of the pioneer programmers who worked regularly for the company. These people include Kay McNulty, Betty Snyder, Betty Jennings, Marlyn Wescoff, Ruth Lichterman and Fran Bilas.

In addition to this, there is also a celebration meant for programmers and this is the International Programmers’ Day. It is celebrated during January 7. In the year 2009, Russia has decreed a Programmer’s Day which is known to be a professional holiday being celebrated annually during 13th day of September.

How a programmer does works?

The main role of a computer programmer is to test, debug, write and also to maintain all the important detailed instructions which is known as computer programs. These programs are the ones allowing the computer to follow and perform specific functions.

Furthermore, the programmers also have the capabilities of designing, conceiving, and testing the logical structures in order to solve the problems encountered by a computer. Actually, there are numerous technical innovations there is in the field of programming. Through the advancements made in computing technologies, creation of new languages as well as newer, sophisticated programming tools, these has led to a more redefined programmer. Programmers become more updates, skills are elevated and more confidence in doing the work right.

When it comes to the working environment of a programmer, they are being part of various working settings such as corporate IT departments, software companies, small firms and even government entities. There are large scales of professional programmers who are working with consulting companies as contractors. They are sometimes into licensing even though it is not part of what a programmer’s usual work.

Being a programmer is already considered as one of the sought after professions all around the world for the reason that more and more individuals are becoming interested in the field of computer industry and also brought by modernization as well. The work of a programmer varies widely and this is totally depending on the business type in which they write for the specific and needed programs.

In accordance to this, the programs wrote by programmers are under specifications pre- determined by senior programmers and also by their systems analysts. When the designing process is already complete, this is where the programmers come into play. They will now start to convert the design into instructions under logical series in which the computer primarily follows. The programmer uses certain programming languages to achieve successful converting basically depending on the program’s purpose such as for business applications, science, engineering and a lot more.

This is the main reason why it is very essential for the programmer to know wide range of computer languages in order to achieve successful programming. And since there are computer languages that are similar, this makes it easier for programmers to learn new languages. Programmers are also referred to what language they are experts on or to what language they know, for example Java programmers. Aside from this, they are also referred on what type of specific function they usually perform or to the kind of environment setting they are working on such as database programmers, web developers and mainframe programmers.

In addition to this, programmers are also capable of changing the program’s source code by making other programmers out there to become aware of the entire task they are required to perform. They insert comments into the source code in order for the other users to understand easily the program and to document the code more précised. When it comes to saving work, programmers make use of basic code libraries that can be customized or even modified for an application. This approach enable the programmer to yield more consistent and at the same time reliable programs that will also increase the productivity by the programmers via eliminating certain routine steps.

Application Programmers versus Systems Programmers

Computer programmers are mainly grouped into two types. These are the application programmers and the systems programmers. The first one is the application programmer wherein they write the programs that could handle specific jobs including track inventory program used in an organization. They usually revise packaged software and even customize specific generic applications that are also purchased from software vendors independently working.

On the other hand, systems programmers are the ones who write programs which are used in the maintenance and control the software of various computer systems such as systems for database management and operating systems.

These workers are actually making changes in the specified instructions that determines on how a certain workstation, network and CPU handling various kinds of jobs. Being a programmer is really one of the best jobs there is, however, there is a need to accompany it with determination and commitment.


The first computer programmer is Ada Lovelace, a woman mathematician and a known British countess. She is the first one who was able to write and at the same time publish the algorithm which is intended for the implementation on the work of Charles Babbage, the analytical engine.